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By car:


Hellesylt is situated at main road no 60 between Stryn and Stranda in the county (Fylke) of Møre and Romsdal in the western part of Norway. The drive to Hellesylt on good, but winding roads with the view of mountains and fiords is a remarkable attraction in itself.




Oslo: 7-8 hours, 550 km via Otta and Stryn
Bergen: 5-6 hours, 356 km via ferry at Oppedal/Lavik and Skei
Trondheim: 6-7 hours, 488 km via Otta and Stryn
Ålesund: 2 hours, 87 km via ferry at Magerholm/Ørsneset
Stryn: 1 hour, 52 km
Stranda: 25 minutes, 27 km


By bus: 


The bus connections from Hellesylt are quite good (but be careful in the weekends!). Hellesylt is connected by bus with Ålesund, Stryn, Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

In the summer months, you can take the ferry to Geiranger and then from there by bus to Åndalsnes via the Troll Path.

More information: www.fjord1.no, www.nor-way.no



By sea:




Hellesylt is directly connected to the UNESCO world heritage area Geiranger by a beautiful ferry trip. The ferry goes up to 8 times a day in the summer months.

More information:  www.fjord1.no


By train:


Five daily departures from Trondheim/Oslo to Åndalsnes with NSB. Further information at NSB, service phone tel. (+47) 81500888 - (http://www.nsb.no)



By air:


The closest airport is Ålesund-Vigra. From here you can fly to e.g. Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Riga.

From the airport Vigra is a convenient transfer by fly bus from the airport to the center of Ålesund. The cheapest option is to get off in Moa and take directly bus to Hellesylt (more information: http://www.fjord1.no/en/ ). The total journey time from the airport to Hellesylt takes about 3 hours.

More information: http://www.flybussen.no/aalesund/index.asp?lang=ENG