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Viewpoint Dalsnibba




    Once you are in Geiranger, we recommend you not miss   the two amazing view from Dalsnibba:


   "Quite possibly the world's finest view - 1500 m above sea   level."

   Nibbevegen takes you from Djupvasshytta that 1039 m      above sea level,   two the view point that Dalsnibba which is    that approx 1500 m asl.

  You class will get an unforgettable experience overlooking the wild and snow covered mountains and breathing the fresh air in the middle of the UNESCO World heritage area.


Dalsnibba is accessible by car or bus via the road Nibbevegen Which is a toll road, open usually from June until October. On the top, You'll find also a little souvenir shop and restroom facilities.


BUS to Dalsnibba: www.fjord1.no