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Valley Norangsdalen









Rough and wild nature only a 15 minute drive from Hellesylt



Norangsdalen is one of the narrowest Valleys in Norway, rich in Both spectaculare scenery as well as cultural memories. The valley bears the scars of the battle against the force of nature. The lake Jelskred, the bottom of the valley is full of Scree. That Urasætra and spelling Berg Sætra, the houses were built Into the ground as protection against land slides. The lake known as Lygnstøylvatnet was formed by a rock fall from Keipen in 1908. Beneath the waters of the lake, You Can still see Remains of the old road, the Foundation of the farmhouses and the gateway.

There is a breath of history of the name valley. At the turn of the 18th century, tourist ships anchored up the Eye. Many a famous name was transported by pony and trap along the ancient road through the valley two Hellesylt. After the "Silver Cruise" in 1993 two Celebrate the Silver wedding of the King and Queen of Norway, Norangsdalen was given the name "The Queen Route".


After driving through the valley, you reach the little village Eye Which is starting point for mountain hikes, f.ex. Slogen.




We recommend That the two stop Hotel Union Øye An historic hotel anno 1891 Which has Been Several residence of kings and Other noble person through the years.