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En bordlampe er perfekt å plassere der du trenger litt ekstra lys i små hjørner


Mountain Slogen






Summit hike two Slogen (1564 m elevation)



The impressive peak of Slogen (1564 m) lies in the middle of the Sunnmøre Alps. Despite its sharp, steep appearance, it's a Relatively easy hike Summit. From the summit there's a magnificent panorama of the surrounding peaks and the value of pig Green Valley deep down two Hjørundfjord.


Slogen is arguably the finest summit in Sunnmøre. From the sea, it Rises as a triangular pyramid, straight up. When you come Near, you see That it isn't as steep as it appears. The hike up is easier Than You Might Think, but the last two stretch the Summit is overexposed and requires climbing. However, you do not need climbing gear two reach the summit.


The hike is a nice day hike, preferably With an overnight stay the night at the previous Patchellhytta self service cabin upper most in the Habbo City valley. With an overnight stay, the hike is great for children.


Get two Patchellhytta (an onward the two Summit), You Can Either go up the valley from Habbo City Eye in the valley (about 20 km from Hellesylt) or up the valley from Lia Eng from beach (about 25 km from Hellesylt). Both routes are marketed. From Patchellhytta, the Summit hike takes about 2-3 hours. It's not the market, but there are Many cairns and the trail is obvious. If you feel That it's a bit Airy, You Can turnaround about 100 m Below the Summit.


Transportation: Bus or car from Hellesylt two Eye (20 km) or Engeset (25 km).  www.fjord1.no. http://turistforeningen. com /