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Glacier Briksdalsbreen






The huge Briksdal Glacier forms part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park. The wild glacier slope plunges from a height of 1200 metres down to the lush, narrow Briksdalen valley - a sight that attract 300,000 visitors from all over the world each year.


Briksdalsbreen Glacier lies at the end of enchanting Oldedal valley, about 20 km from Olden. From the mountain lodge it is 3 km on a gravel road up to the glacier. You can walk there or be driven in open cars. Briksdal glacier mountain lodge is open from medio April to Medio October. Glacier tours, restaurant and a large souvenir boutique.



What about a day trip from Hellesylt to Brikdalsbreen?

It is about a 1,5 hours car drive via Stryn and Olden. There is also an ideal bus connection from Hellesylt via Stryn to Briksdal and back on weeksdays in the main season (June 15-August 31)