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Grand Motel has bicycles  for rent!


There are good cycling opportunities in and around Hellesylt.




For instance the famous "Flofjellvegen". The path over Flo Mountain, between Vollset and Flo, was until 1848 the only access to the church for people from the farms in the area. It's a gravel track that you can either walk or cycle along from Hellesylt. It's up to you if you want to follow it all the way to Stryn or if you want to shorten the trip a bit. On your way, you will experience fantastic landscape with waterfalls, glaciers, forest and lakes. The lake Strynsvatnet shines like a turquoise mirror in the sunshine and you can meet animals from the farms or find rare plants whereever you go. 



Another option is to cycle through the amazing valley Norangsdalen to Øye or Leknes or challenge your body even more: Take the bike with you on the ferry to Geiranger (free of charge) and cycle all the way up to the viewpoint Dalsnibba 1500 m above sea level. Afterwards you can enjoy the race back down to Geiranger. You'll maybe spend 3-4 hours to get up and one hour to get down again? A real kick!