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Fishing in the fjord is free for everybody in Norway. The only question: Do you Want to fish from land or from a boat (That You Can interest at the hostel)? There are Many different kinds of fish in the sea, from pollack two salmon and we even caught a shark once!


Fishing gears and Other equipment Can Be bought in the Coop shop in the center of Hellesylt.


"Fishing" for rivers and freshwater


For fishing in rivers and lakes in the area, you are obliged two garden purchased a so called "fishing" - fishing card.


For the river Cross River Break, Which is a popular salmon river, You Can order / buy cards that Stadheim falls camping.


In the Other Numerous rivers and mountain lakes in the village, pretty cheap "permits" allow you two catch trout. Those cards are the days of different places along the roads, just open your eyes! You Can Also contact Hellesylt tourist office for more information: +47 94 81 13 32






Salmon - Salmon fishing


Also in the fjord and in front of the waterfall Hellesylt falls, You Can request lucky and catch salmon. Nevertheless, it is the river Cross River Break That is most famous and popular Among fishermen in and outside of Norway. Angler enormous garden caught salmon with a weight up to 25 kg here.