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If you like natur and outdoor activities, Hellesylt is the right place for you!



You can choose between many different hiking- and cycling trails if you like to challenge yourself. For those who prefer activities on the water, there is also a lot to do in Hellesylt: You can take the ferry to Geiranger or rent a motorboat or kayak to discover the fjord on your own. There are lots of fishing possibilities in the river and fjord, from land or from a boat.



Hellesylt also has a little beach where you can enjoy hot summer days and refresh yourself in the cool fjord water.



You can also rent bicycles, a motorboat and kayaks from us:



Bicycles  - What about a ride to Øye through the famous and breathtaking valley Norangsdalen or over the mountain Flofjellet to Stryn?



Motorboat - Ideal for fishing or in order to discover the Geirangerfjord on your own. Stop for example at one of the old mountain farms along the fjord and imagine how people used to live here in the old days.



Kayaks - An undescribable nature experience on the fjord!